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South Carolina Psychiatric Group - a  provider of mental health care that puts the patient first. 

Our Philosophy:


South Carolina Psychiatric Group, office of Dr. Sergio Sanchez, is here to provide respectful, compassionate, and appropriate care to those in need of psychiatric medications on an outpatient basis. We emphasize the value of each person, and fully expect patient participation in treatment. Our practice focuses on evaluation, medication, and medication management, while encouraging our patients to seek a reputable and compatible therapist to augment this treatment.

Our staff is devoted to providing courteous and prompt service. We uphold our patients’ right to privacy and discretion regarding their treatment by our physicians. South Carolina Psychiatric Group does not discriminate based on race, gender, religious creed, or economic status. Our goal is to embrace the community and strive to improve the mental health of our patients.

If you are thinking about becoming a new patient, let our team of professionals help you, please contact us today! 

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